Communicator: Smart Street Light Management System

    • Smart Street light monitoring and Control for street light management at your finger tip.
    • Smart Street Light Management panel for Smart cities.
    • Same as Energy Saver Street light automation timer
    • Communication to central server through low cost GSM technology
    • Giving full control on your remote Street lights
    • Effective Street light fault monitoring
    • Street Light Power controller For Street light consumption management
    • Helps to decide the preventive maintenance
    • Send message to the selective cell phone
    • Configurable messaging system


  • Our most valuable client Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan (VMSS) / Vadodara Municipal Corporation got the first ever declared Bureau of energy efficiency (BEE) Energy efficiency National award for "Energy Conservation in Street lighting" in 2008 by Honorable energy minister Shushilkumar shinde.
  • Vadodara Municipal Corporation again won the 2nd national award for "Energy Conservation in Street lighting" in 2010.
  • Again in 2011 Vadodara Corporation got 3rd National award for "Energy Conservation in Street lighting" (2nd prize).
  • In 2012 VMC won Indian Express Innovation award for implementing energy efficient lighting systems for street lightning.
  • Once Again in 2014 Vadodara won the "Energy Conservation in Street lighting" award. It was 4th ins last 7 years since the award category introduced, more than 50% of the time Vadodara collected the award.
  • In 2014 Instruments Universal become the vendor of General Electric for Automation and energy conservation Street light and Lamp monitoring and control system.
  • Instruments Universal was India's first company to implement GSM/GPRS based street light monitoring and control system in the field. And till today we are leading in numbers of installation of GSM panels, in India, than any other Indian or multinational company.